If you are looking for a relaxed and purposeful environment with best fitness equipment and staff you are at the right place. Come and share our huge passion for a healthy and positive life style. It is never too late.


Our wide range of programmes specifically designed with a goal to increase your health and fitness in a positive and relaxed environment. This range includes gym, personal training, and fitness group classes where our highly professional staff will help you achieve your positive change.


Our completely equipped gym with the widest range of weights and cardiovascular training machines will be demonstrated in detail to you by our high-quality staff. With their demonstration and advice, your performance will be correct and most efficient.

Personal training

If you have more demanding expectations and you are fond of individual programs, there is an option of personal training that will be provided to you by our friendly instructors. You will get motivation, support, and results you never expected.

Fitness classes

A wide range of included fitness programs will meet all clients requiring no matter age, interest or fitness condition. Each participant will be in the possibility to meet their individual goal thanks to modification of all classes for all fitness levels.

About our trainers

Taylor Smith

With over ten years of experience our trainer, Taylor Smith will provide best service and solutions connected to your health, fitness condition and positive attitude. Taylor’s experience is based on small-scale gyms, strength and conditioning coach all the way to team sports training.


Aaron Bryant

At the moment basing his work on personal training including over 7 years of experience Aaron will make best possible personal fitness program for you. With a huge specialty in training with kettlebells and strength training with included endurance competitions and weight loss cases, he will bring you best results in no time.

Jennifer Cooper

With natural, friendly and supportive approach added to over ten years of experience Jennifer will share her passion with you in the best possible way on her fitness classes. Overcoming obstacles and motivation are her main weapon for pushing boundaries and getting you best version of your body and mind.



Welcome to our new blog series where you will have a chance to interact with our trainers online. All your questions about health, conditioning, and personal interests to fitness will be answered. Our trainers will give their best to put you on the right track on your way toward a healthiest version of you.